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12 Installations

Installation at Ross Camp, 2017


In reacting to this space, there were echoes of Concentration and Refugee Camps.  Since this structure has been built it has housed thousands of people.  All of whom have this location as a shared experience.  If we look at it intimately, standing in this room, absorbing the history, this particular area has been filled with an assortment of human emotions, known a variety of smells, and has heard a vast array of voices.  Memories upon memories have been created here.  By allowing this space to frame the work, a new conversation exists.


The recorded, repetitious sound of a broom moving across this uneven floor was playing during the exhibition.  When cleaning the floor I began to think about how we, the human race, are always cleaning up our messes.  Not just physically, but emotionally, socially, and psychologically.  All the war... Holocaust, 911,  Refugees, Shootings, Pollution, so much disaster, so much hate, so much ignorance, it seems as though we are constantly cleaning … it’s a continuous vicious cycle. 

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